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Duna House Barometer: First-hand real estate market analyses

For many years, the management of Duna House had struggled with the fact that there was no credible source available in Hungary that published up-to-date data on the real estate market on a monthly basis. We believe that in an ever-changing real estate market, analyses that arrive 4-5 months late are more of an afterthought, while what the market needs is an immediate, snapshot report.

As a key player in the real estate market, we handle tens of thousands of real estate transactions in our country every year, so we have relevant information on the characteristics of properties and buying conditions that is not available anywhere else. What we work with is not data derived from advertisements, but information obtained directly from sellers and buyers, as well as from real estate transactions from a substantial database, in representative quantities. Over the years we have developed real estate market analysis and estimation methods that have a proven track record. Although this involves making estimates, data from previous years show that our estimates are accurate within a margin of error of up to 10%.

Our publication is released in the middle of each month and is supplemented with loan and new build data on a quarterly basis. The Duna House Barometer includes, among others, the Transaction Number Estimate, the DH Demand Index, and the DH Concrete Block and Brick and Mortar Price Indices.

The great strength of the Duna House Barometer is its ability to provide immediate, up-to-date data, enabling it to faithfully illustrate the current state of trends, tendencies and prices, helping investors, financial institutions and even private individuals to plan their real estate affairs more efficiently.

'24. May

Megjelent: 2024. 06. 12.


'24. April

Megjelent: 2024. 05. 13.


'24. March

Megjelent: 2024. 04. 12.


'24. February

Megjelent: 2024. 03. 12.


'24. January

Megjelent: 2024. 02. 12.


'23. December

Megjelent: 2024. 01. 12.


'23. November

Megjelent: 2023. 12. 12.


'23. October

Megjelent: 2023. 11. 13.


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