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Dear Reader,

In the early years the leadership of Duna House struggled with the fact, that in Hungary a credible source, that would provide monthly updated information on real estate market does not exist. We believe, that this market - especially in recent years, when huge changes happen month by month- analysis arriving with a 4-5 months delay is rather follow-up discussions, but what the market needs is a more immediate, instantaneous EKG.

As a market leader* most real estate transactions are managed by us in our country, so we have such relevant information about the conditions of real estate and purchase conditions, which are not available anywhere else in such quantity and accuracy. Over the years (primarily for our own use) real estate market analysis and estimate methods have been developed, which have proved to come through over time.

In this publication - which we call Duna House Barometer - periodic data, which we think to be useful to the market, were first published.

In addition to the information, Duna House Barometer also contains 4 exciting and revolutionary new estimates or indexes: DH Transaction Number Estimate (DH-TB), DH Demand Index and DH-Panel and Brick housing Price Index. We work with representative quantity from our huge database and partly it is estimated, in our experience we can set the values to 50-10% accuracy. As I mentioned in my introduction Duna House Barometer has a great virtue, that it is instant, provides up-to-date data, so it can reflect the current status of trends, directions and prices.

Duna House Barometer is published at the beginning of each quarter. With extended amount of data it will be published quarterly, semi-annually and annually. We hope, that we can help You as well the same way we can help investors, financial institutions in order to plan their real estate matters better.

We wish you useful reading!

* based on the number of our offices in the Franchise Network. 

New8. April 2016
First quarter 2016 + March 2016

8. January 2016
Second half of the year 2015 + December 2016

10. July 2015
First Half of the year 2015 + June 2015
158. April 2015First quarter 2015 + March 2015
149. February 2015Second Half of year 2014 And Month of December 2014
138. September 20142014. 3rd quarter + September 2014
128 July 20142014. 1st half of the year + The month of June 2014
118 January 2014Second half of year 2013 +Month of December 2013
108 June 2013

1st half of the year 2013

98 April 2013

First quarter 2013 + March 2013

88 January 2012

2nd half of the year 2012 + dec 2012

78 October 20123rd quarter 2012 + September 2012
6 9 July 20121st half of the year 2012 + the month of June 2012
516 April 20121st quarter 2012 + March 2012
419 January 2012Year 2011 + December 2011
310 October 2011Third quarter + September
28 September 2011August + age specifications
18 August 2011July + Debrecen

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