DH Guesstimator
Valuate your property in just 1 minute

DH Guesstimator: Instant online valuation from Duna House

DH Guesstimator aids users in determining the current value of a property, whether it's their own or one offered for purchase. It estimates the price of properties up to 150 million HUF in the listed cities.

The valuation relies on data from 45,000+ transactions and 20,000+ ads on dh.hu in recent years. Although the system aims for accuracy, property prices can be influenced by various factors, and DH Guesstimator doesn't consider certain parameters like panorama, noise level, room arrangement, etc. For a more precise estimate, consult our agents who consider all parameters.

This service is not an official property valuation, and the provided price only serves as guidance. Duna House takes no responsibility for the data and advises against making business decisions solely based on it.

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