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About us

Welcome to the homepage of Duna House Holding, the operator of the greatest number of real estate agencies in Hungary!

Duna House Holding was founded in 1998. It has reached and kept a leading position in the services sector – mainly on the real estate and financial products brokerage markets. We believe this was possible due to our ambition to extend our services –property buy and sale, loan and insurance products- with values making our clients achieve their goals more effectively.

Duna House real estate franchise system, launched in 2003, has become the Holding’s flagship, with nearly 1300 members on its team serving clients.

Other services that may be of your interest:

   Credit management

   Insurance Brokerage

   Real Estate Appraisal

   Energy Performance Certificate 

In 2010, as the first milestone of international expansion, a Duna House agency was opened in Prague, the Czech Republic. Our medium-term plans include development of the Czech network, in addition to which we are aiming at achieving significant real estate market position in other Central-European countries as well. Our long-term goal is global extension.

You can watch the 2015 campaign film of Duna House, starring Iván Kamarás, ambassador to Duna House, by clicking here:

2014 campaign film can be found here:

   Our management

   Our values, vision

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