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Welcome to the homepage of Duna House franchise system!

About Duna House franchise system:

Effectiveness of our Network has been consistent since 2003 with a growing number of satisfied clients from year to year. We believe this is a result of our efforts aiming at supporting our services –property acquisition and sale, loan and insurance deals- with added values that make our contributions to clients in reaching their goals more efficient. 




Our services:

Real estate brokerage


Credit management

Insurance brokerage

Real estate appraisal

Energy performance certificate


Home management




The Group’s work has been recognized through numerous professional awards. The most important awards include: Hungarian Franchise Association’s „Franchise Network of the Year” (2010), „Internet Media and Web Award” (2012), "Innovative Franchise Network of the Year"(2013, 2015), "Franchise network of the Year in Market Expansion Abroad" (2016), Hungarian Real Estate Association’s „Innovation Award” (2008, 2009, and 2011), „Real Estate Agency of the Year” Award (since 2007).


In 2016 we received the Hungarian Brands recognition in the Outstanding Consumer Brand category within the Hungarian Brands Program, in addition to which we finished on 1st place in the Franchise Association's Franchise network of the Year in Market Expansion Abroad category.



Our former campaign films:


You can watch the 2015 campaign film of Duna House, starring Iván Kamarás, ambassador to Duna House, by clicking here:



2014 campaign film can be found here:


Our management

Our values, vision

* based on both spontaneous and aided brand awareness, February 2016, population age group: 18-59, representaitve survey carried out by NRC.


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06 1 555 2222

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Our clients said

I am fully satisfied with the work of Erika. She was kind, polite and helpful during the whole sales process. Moreover, she sold the apartment within an extremely short time. I can only recommend her to everyone, I myself will make use of her services whether it comes to real estate sales or purchase.

— Mária, Szeged

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