About us
Welcome to the leading real estate group in the region
The Duna House Group
4 countries
We have offices in four countries of Europe: Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Italy.
Approx. 4000 agents
We cater to the needs of our clients with a sales team of nearly 4000 real estate agents and financial advisors.
Approx. HUF 50 billion in lending
In the past year Credipass, our financing services brand brokered mortgage loans worth nearly HUF 53 billion to more than 3000 customers.

Duna House – a top player of the region

Since its formation in 1998, the parent company Duna House Network has grown to become the largest real estate group in the region and the best-known real estate brand in Hungary. In line with our motto ‘We serve people. Property is our passion’ we help more and more satisfied customers every year to solve their real estate problems. We believe that the uninterrupted success of our network since 2003 is due to our commitment to adding value to our services – property purchase, property sales, property management, valuation, energy certification – that increases the effectiveness of our assistance to our clients in achieving their goals in the quickest and most complete way possible.

Since the launch of the international Credipass brand in 2022, merging the Duna House Finance and Money House brands, the Duna House Group has also been a prominent player in the financial services sector. With this, Duna House is now strengthening its ambition to become Europe’s leading financial and real estate brokerage company in Italy, Poland and Hungary. Credipass has nearly 3000 financial experts in three countries. In Hungary, the company is the largest independent intermediary with 8 banking partners and nearly 200 financial experts serving thousands of satisfied clients every year.

Duna House Group provides real estate and financial services.
Duna House in Hungary
1200+ real estate agents
As the largest property agency of Hungary (source: Reálmonitor, 2022) we can help our clients effectively in their property sale and purchase projects.
TOP 1 real estate agency
Duna House is the best known real estate agency network in Hungary (source: Reacty, 2020).
20 years’ experience
Decades of work has given us the recognition and experience to become a major player in the European market, too.

The Duna House franchise network is Hungary’s best known and one of the most recognized real estate brands, with an 80% brand awareness rate in independent market research. In addition, based on RealMonitor data (2022), our network has the largest real estate database in the country, which offers many advantages in finding the right target audience from both buyers’ and sellers’ perspective.  

Our company is the most successful franchise network in the market and the one with the highest revenues. Our experts, who participate in our market-leading education and training courses, provide a full range of services related to real estate brokerage and other real estate transactions. This allows us to be involved in the sales process from start to finish and to support our clients in finding the best solution for them in several areas of the real estate market. Our real estate agents are supported by the best IT system on the market, which makes the process of selling a property quick and hassle-free.

Credipass, our international financial network, operates to the highest standards and assists clients with loans, home subsidies and insurance.

Our awards and prizes

Up to 2010
Realtor of the Year Award (2007), Hungarian Real Estate Association Innovation Award (2008, 2009), Hungarian Franchise Association Franchise – Network of the Year (2010)
Hungarian Real Estate Association Innovation Award (2011), Internet Media and Web Award (2012), Innovative Franchise Network of the Year (2013, 2015)
Hungarian Brands Program – Outstanding Consumer Brand (2016), Internationally Successful Franchise Network of the Year (2016), The Most Dynamic Franchise Network (2019)

Services offered by Duna House

Our services offered to private individuals include both real estate and financial services. In addition to Duna House’s main profile as a real estate agency, we also have a wide range of financial services under the Credipass brand. In addition, Home Management Kft. is engaged in property management, Duna House Értékbecslő Kft. in valuation and Energetikai Tanúsítvány Kft. in energy certification.


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Customised decision support analyses for our business partners

Our Analysis Division also provides tailor-made real estate market studies. Thanks to the largest database of actual real estate sale and purchase transactions in the country, we can provide our clients with up-to-date information to support market analyses, reports and project-specific needs. Apart from prices, our dataset includes information related to demand, negotiation margins, quality characteristics and client profiles. Additionally, our portfolio of analytics is enriched by up-to-date mortgage data to meet client needs.

Some of the content most frequently requested by our clients:

  • A cyclical analysis of the real estate market (effects of the global crisis, features of the property market boom)
  • Location analysis, i.e. a detailed analysis of a given neighbourhood, town or part of a municipality
  • New-build, like-new and second-hand housing market in a given area
  • Competition analysis (developers, investors, builders)
  • Data-based analysis of the home price levels attainable in the development area
  • Price and rental characteristics of the location and the outlook of expected prices and rental fees
  • General housing market trends over a 1-3 year time horizon
  • Supply and demand factors and their changes
  • Deciding on apartment size
  • Deciding on apartment specifications
  • Positioning options of a development project

Our analyses are primarily offered to contractors and developers, investors, urban infrastructure operators and municipalities to support their future plans and business decisions on a data-driven basis. Our past and present partners include Cushman & Wakefield, My City Real Estate, RE Project Development and Robertson.

For further information on business analytics and to request a quote, please use the contact details below.

1016 Budapest, Gellérthegy utca 17.

Our values

Our shared corporate values form the foundation for the high quality of our services and the expertise of all members of our team. No matter where in the country a client walks into a Duna House branch or contacts one of our real estate agents, they will be given the exact same fair and client-focused treatment. Our operations are results-oriented and synergistic, resulting in continuous growth and development of our group.

A Duna House ingatlanirodák értékei: korrektség, eredményorientáltság, növekedés és fejlődés, ügyfélközpontúság és szinergia.
We serve people. Property is our passion.

In addition to the services we provide to our clients, we place a high priority on offering help. Our CSR programme is aimed at improving the conditions of children in need: in addition to financial support, our colleagues are also involved in providing assistance.

Duna House adomány a Bókay Gyermekklinikáért Alapítványnak.
In 2022 we donated HUF 2,000,000 to the Bókay Children’s Hospital Foundation.

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