Duna House Money Handling Regulations


Dear Customer,


The Duna House franchise network is always paying attention to the adequate information and safety of its Customers at the transactions. In this presentation you can find the Duna House network’s rules of money management.

On what grounds can I give money to Duna House colleagues?


According to our policy Duna House network members are allowed to get money on the following grounds:

  • Deposit for bids and preliminary contracts and rental offers.
  • Fee for the title deed at the moment of signing the Realtor Assignment Agreement
  • Amounts due to the Realtor Assignment Agreement (eg. reator commission)


In case of real estate purchase or rent, the maximum amount which can be transferred


If you wish to buy or rent a property in cooperation with us, a deposit is required at the signing of your offer. This amount provides the guaranty of bid or preliminary contract, which is included in the terms and conditions of the offer. In case of acceptance of the purchase intention and bid, the deposit is intended to ensure that the contract will be concluded and it is not to be confused with the reservation which guaranties the final contract.


Basic deposit amount:


  • real estate for sale: The deposit amount you can give is 1% of the bid price but maximum 500 000 HUF.
  • real estate for rent: The deposit amount you can give can be maximum 300 000 HUF but it cannot be more than the one month's rental fee.


In case of more than one real estates:

If you sign an offer for more than one real estates at the same time, the maximum deposit should be calculated on the basis of the properties’ total bid value. The deposit is 1% of the total bid value but maximum 500 000 HUF.

Higher deposit amount:


In case if you wish it or if any transaction requires a higher deposit than the amount specified above, please place a deposit in the custody of a solicitor.  In this case, the deposit will be registered in the offer under the same conditions.


Colleagues authorised to receive deposit


In Duna House network our franchise partner acting in transaction or the colleagues authorised by the franchise partner are allowed to receive amounts of guaranty. Before you give any amount to our colleagues, please ask for their authorisation or contact our customer service centre for information about our franchise partners.


Handover and acceptance of a deposit


Please, pay particular attention in both cases whether you give or receive any amount of money. In both cases the transaction should be correctly documented.


Thank you for reading carefully this information!  If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service centre by phone +36-1-555-222 or by e-mail [email protected].


Best wishes to your real estate transactions!


Have a question? Do not hesitate to turn to us or look for our nearest office!

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