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Can Duna House only help in selling my property?

We are here to provide comprehensive services to our clients in several areas of the real estate market, so Duna House can help you sell your property and will also be there if you are looking for a new home. Apart from that, our financial team provides free loan consulting, and our services include valuation, energy certification and property management.

Which contract type should I choose?

Duna House offers Standard and Premium contracts.

Standard contract: If you sign a Standard contract, third parties are also allowed to act as your agent in selling the property.

Premium contract: With this contract type, which includes our additional services, the seller formally entrusts the sale of the property exclusively to Duna House, but thanks to our sales methodology and our collaborative partners, anyone can sell the property from anywhere in the country, so you do not need to contract with another real estate agency.

The contract type we recommend is Premium. According to our statistics this offers you the highest chance of selling your property and also carries the lowest commission rates.


For further information please watch this video.

Who can I sign a contract with?

You can select the sales representative most suitable for you using our website, or you can enquire in person at one of our offices. With more than 1,400 agents in the Duna House network, you are sure to find the right person to sell your home. Our Agent Rating System can help you make the right choice: it ranks our team members based on real-world customer reviews which you can read yourself.

You can browse our team members based on client reviews here

Where can I look for real estate agencies in my area?

Under Our offices you will find a search map that will help you locate the Duna House office closest to you.

Where do I find the contact details of your property agents?

Under Our sales team you can search our agents by name and location. You will find not only their contact details but actual client reviews that may help you pick your ideal agent. For further advice on how to choose a property agent please watch this video.

What is the commission rate?

Duna House applies a commission scheme where retail commissions range from 3% to 5%, depending on the type of contract, and the location and value of the property. Our agent will be able to advise you of the exact commission when the market value is established. The commission rate for a Premium contract is usually 1-1.5% cheaper than for a Standard contract.

What is “compound selling”?

This sales technique allows us to reach the largest number of potential buyers because all our colleagues are in a position to offer all registered properties to all of their clients. This is facilitated by the IT system operated by the Duna House network that matches your property with clients registered in our database who are looking for a property provided that it meets the desired parameters. This allows you to sell your property quickly and at the best price. For further information please watch this video.

Do I need to put a banner on the property?

It is of course not obligatory, but banners on your apartment, plot or house are an excellent sales tool and since they feature the phone number of our agent you do not have to respond to inquiry calls.

Where will you advertise my property?

Your property will be listed on the Duna House website, one of the most visited real estate portals in Hungary, and will also be advertised by the agent on other advertising platforms.

If you sign a Premium contract, your property will find a buyer faster because we work with several real estate agency networks of various sizes, i.e. you property will be advertised by several other agencies nationally, making the sale more efficient than using our own network only.

Who can view my home?

If you have a contract with Duna House, only certified clients are allowed to view your home and they are required to sign a visit protocol, so if there is a problem, we can always check who has been in your home.

What if I am not satisfied with the quality of your service?

If you feel that our service has not lived up to your expectations or that a colleague has not respected the Duna House Code of Ethics, please contact us and we will do our best to rectify the situation as quickly as possible, including assigning a new agent to you.

What is an Energy Certificate and why do I need it?

An Energy Certificate is a document that certifies the energy performance of a building or individual functional unit (flat/apartment) calculated in line with relevant legislation. The certificate is primarily used to determine the expected annual energy consumption of the property. After 1 January 2012, the certificate is mandatory for all residential properties sold or let.

How can a Financial Consultant help?

Duna House is there to help its clients not only in real estate but also in loan brokerage matters. Our Financial Consultants will help you choose the best offer from a range of banks, be it a market loan or a state subsidy, free of charge. Find out more about what our financial consultants can do for you in this video.

Can I get financial assistance from Duna House only if I buy a property through Duna House?

Whether you would like to buy a property with the help of Duna House’s agents or plan to find your new home in another way, our financial consultants will be happy to help you understand and choose the most suitable financial scheme.

What is “DH Estimator”?

Identifying the appropriate price strategy is essential when selling a property, and our DH Estimator is there to help every seller to easily determine the fair market price of their property.

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Our clients said

I would like to thank real estate agent Sándor Szabó working for the Jaszberény office of the Duna House franchise network for his conscientious and helpful work provided during the sales of my apartment. With his high-standard expertise he organised viewings of my apartment rapidly, informed clients fully, as a result of which it was sold within a short time.

— Károly, Jászberény

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