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Would you like to sell your real estate?

Selling your real estate? You are at the best place!

We believe that by the current real estate market conditions in Hungary the most effective solution for your residential real estate sales, if we, the market leader Duna House will be entrusted with the sale of your property.

If you sign a mandate with us, you give mandate not only for one real estate office, but also for the other 119 real estate offices and for more than 1200 real estate agents, as the entire network of Duna House works with a common network based database.

As a result of the effective network of cooperation in the vast majority of cases not that colleague sells your property, who signed the mandate with you, but in many cases, any other real estate agent from another Duna House office. All of our colleagues can show all available properties from our database - this is one of the determining factors in our success.

In fact, if you conclude a priority mandate with us - because Duna House opened the door toward the real estate market - as an extra service, any real estate agency or agent can recommend your property for purchase for their own customers and you don’t have to do anything for this.

In our database there are already approximately 55,000 registered, real estate searching customers waiting for your property and we register nearly 5,000 new candidates for potential buyer monthly, because our 1300 real estate agents continuously publishes more than 22.000 real estates in a number of advertising surfaces. Thus, whoever is looking for a real estate, in almost all cases comes in contact with us during their purchase process, and at that time is immediately informed of your property for sale.

It can be an exception, if you would like to sell your property at a location, where there isn’t a nearby Duna House office and our real estate agent is unable to effectively assist in the sale of the property. Please search here to find your nearest Duna House office!

If you need additional information bout your property selling, please contact us and we will answer all your questions!

We wish you a safe and successful real estate sale!

The team of Duna House

Important! Always ask for Energy Certificate before purchase decision!

You could read more about the importance of Energy Certificate here!

   How does the sales process look like?

  • Step one: determine the market price More
  • Step two: sign a Mandate More
  • Third step: Activation of the Mandate in the database of Duna House More
  • Step Four: The viewing of the property More
  • Step Five: Sale and closing the deal More

12 reasons why we think it is the best solution for you to sign a Priority Mandate with Duna House!


   Frequently asked questions

  • What type of mandate it is worth to sign? How many percent is the commission? Answer
  • With whom can I sign a mandate? Answer
  • Do I have to put a banner on the real estate? Answer
  • What can I do, if I am not satisfied with the quality of service? Answer


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