Do you want to rent a flat?

Are you thinking of a rented flat? You are in the right place!


The full range of services provided by the Duna House is completely free and our customers do not have any obligation.

There is  only one thing we ask: to sign a so-called "Procuring Cause", in which you declare that our colleague is the first to have shown you the property and  you agree that you will organise the rent through our company and you do not avoid our network.


Our task is to save your time and find you the best house in all aspects, and guide you through the property sales process until the sign of the sales contract, or even if you require we assist you during the taking in possession your new property.


We know that there is nothing more annoying when you find the promising house for sale in a website, newspaper or other media, you speak with the owner or the contact person who tells you a lot of nice words about the house, but when you go to see the house, it turns out that you are wrong informed and the house for sale is very far from your expected parameters.


Therefore, we are working that this situation would never happen to you in Duna House offices.


We do not want you to go from house to house with our agent, until you get tired and rent finally a house or a flat which might not even be your dream home. We would like to provide you as much information as possible about the properties for rent in the real estate office: pictures, floor plan, and legal situation etc. and at the end, you are invited to see the house which may be really interesting and appropriate for you. For the complete portfolio please, use advanced search.


If you have any other question, please contact us here or contact directly a Duna House agency. We are glad to help you!


We wish you a successful and safe rental process!

Duna House Team



If you want to ask for a loan or insurance, we are ready to help you!
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How is the leasing a property process?

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Do you have questions? Read the Frequent Asked Questions about leasing a property!

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Our clients said

I am fully satisfied with the work of Erika. She was kind, polite and helpful during the whole sales process. Moreover, she sold the apartment within an extremely short time. I can only recommend her to everyone, I myself will make use of her services whether it comes to real estate sales or purchase.

— Mária, Szeged

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