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We have collected our points, why you should contact us if you first think to invest in a real estate project:


Some lands can be found only in the Duna House offer! Building land suitable for development from one single source in one place! We assist you during the development process from the first step, when you choose the land for building.


During the planning, you can count on us to develop a flat-mix which is good marketable. Our professional experience - which is base of our knowledge and which shapes our opinions - we sell more than 10.000 flats and houses in a year (in all the country), so, we follow the changes in market demand and we perfectly know what your buyers are looking for. The technical content is becoming more and more important. In defining of that we also assist you considering the local requirements and also market demand.


We can support the development from the first step; we are ready to participate in the configuration of corporate identity and branding (name, logo, and slogan). If the brand has been configured, you can count on us and our contacts in advertising campaigns can count on us. As a market-leading*companies, we work with large surface and big volume advertising device which appear in the media (printed media and television) and in public places. In addition to the advertising, the strong network present in all over the country provides the widest advertising campaign possible, thanks to which every potential customer gets the right information. Only has nearly 20.000 visitors, but we are personally present in a number of real estate sales forums (e.g. Real Estate Fairs). In this way we save time, energy and money to you.


In case of a priority mandate, we can offer you special discounts on marketing operation or - depending on the investment volume we might assume the costs.



Our straights are the Duna House real estate offices operating throughout the country. We are proud to our 1400 excellent real estate agents. We can provide specialised and experienced salespeople to the new building developments. According to our survey, more than 90% of potential buyers looking for flats in Budapest contact our network. During the sales we assume the administration, from the customer registration, through the offers until the signing of the contract, and we can help at the possession process of the property as well. The bids are accompanied by a deposit payment in Duna House system, so in case of customer withdrawal, there is a financial compensation.


As the sales process includes a success fee, you only need to pay commission when the property will be successfully sold. If you give us a priority mandate, we offer you a completely unique construction, in this case we assume all the sale process. We provide a professional sales agent or even sales offices serving up the sales process. Our expertise, our indications could gain an extra income, and raises the planned profit!

Are you planning to build a new house? You are in the best place!

According to the current market, developers are becoming more daring, they open to greater investment in higher number of flats or houses again, and in the same time they are launching more projects of smaller flats.
While previously they planned up to 30-50 flats, these days it is not uncommon hundreds of flats either. This type of course increased interest to the investment, land suitable for development were in focus again. As a consequence of this kind of increased interest, the lands ideal for investment and development are in focus again.


In bigger number, the attic conversations in Budapest city centre started firstly and are still in progress, because here is basically a smaller quantity of flats on the market and it guarantees faster selling. As a result, the investment cash flow based on own resources is mostly guaranteed. Past experiences have shown that the market will soak up all properties with the good characteristics; good location and appropriate value for money, so this kind of flats are still missing. 


Buyers are even more interested in energy category of the selected house or flat, but it is clearly to see that they are not practice in quality differences of the various categories and their effects to prices.


The banks' project financing options (with more favourable interest rate level than before the crisis) have appeared on the market, available under certain conditions / commitments, however, the banks and financial institutions still need time to have confidence in the new market opportunities and to serve the development needs in appropriate volume. 


If there will be further favourable measures on state level, it will have a further positive impact on all segments of the market. The "Family Home Making Discount" (CSOK) and “Loans for Growth Program” (NHP) for Hungarian investors are good directions.


For the moment, it is uncertain how much investment will start in the near future, it is difficult to estimate how many flats will be bearing in the market in a determinate region, so it is very important to design very carefully the individual projects to have the healthy competition and market diversity, but we have to be able to sell the completed properties on the right prices. Ask for our expertise in the planning process for the foundation of the later success!

If you think your development is suitable, Duna House can provide additional options and support you in way that Duna House purchases a certain quantity of flats for the initial success of the project (to reach the initial sales volume required for the project financing) to support with the purchase of certain quantity of flats. We help in this way the smooth financing, for the common success!


If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our colleagues


Dudás László
Newly-built property project manager
[email protected]
+36 30 579 9328


Have a question? Do not hesitate to turn to us or look for our nearest office!

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Our clients said

I got to know Henriett when selling our apartment owned together with my ex-husband." (Henriett Pusztai, Nagy Lajos király útja).  Our relationship has been friendly from the first moment, we came to a common denominator immediately as we are of the same type of personality. Consequently our working relation has been transformed into friendship as well.

— Zsófia, Budapest

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