Buying a newly-built real property 


We assist you to take a right decision, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Please, contact us, we help you!
We have collected our points, why you should contact us if you first think to buy a house.


All Duna House Services are free of charge for you. 


If you are an investor, our practice and knowledge about the market can be useful for you to find the property (or properties) with right value for money to purchase and utilize them with the highest profit possible.


  • If you announce the purchased properties through, your invested capital soon begins to produce profit.
  • Home Management Kft., member of Duna House Group,  can assist you in renting and long-term managing of rental properties.


Our sales colleagues provide professional support to find the new home of your dreams. Our colleagues are prepared and know the newly-built property market realities, and they provide professional advice during the time you find the right property. You have to give us only the requested factors which are important for you, our salespeople look for all that may be relevant new property. You can surly choose the right one.

4You can achieve favourable loan products with us

Our loan assistants and consultant provide you information, assist you your loan and insurance transaction with high attention to the accuracy and fastness of the administration.


Hitel Centrum Kft. is the market leader credit mediator network. Due to the significant number of the transactions conducted by us, financial institutions provide special loan structures to Duna House clients.
5We provide convenient customer service


You can comfortably get the up-to-date information about the newly-built housing market, the prices and the available opportunities through a contact person (who will perform the full range of customer representation in one person). 

*Please note that below a certain level stage of construction and if the building is not answer to the bank's requirements, the financing of flats built in a determinate project, can be possible only after the completion of the project (the final occupancy permits and presence of flats are requested). 


Are you planing to buy a newly-built real property?

This is the best place for that!

Our extensive and constantly expanding range of properties you can certainly  find your dream house or the perfect investment.


The only thing we ask from you is to sign a so-called “View certificate” during the purchase process supported by our professional sales colleagues. With this document you declare, that the property first shown to you by our real estate agent and you agree to buy your home via Duna House and not  passing by our network and you do not contact directly the seller. 

Our task is to save time for you and find the best real estate in all aspects, and then walk you through the process until you close the deal, the signing of the purchase contract and if you wish until the occupation or usage of it.

We know that there is nothing more annoying than to find the right property. As a buyer, when you go to visit a house and you enthusiastically  arrive, you are shocked to find, that you were misinformed.  We work to prevent such incidents happening to you in all Duna House offices and make you property buying as easy as it can be.


If you would like to avoid the mentioned problems, we suggest you to contact us if you first think to buy a new house, so we can guaranty the best and most comfortable process. We are not interested in taking you from property  to property in the city until you get tired and eventually buy something which does not meet your dreams. We would like to provide you with lots of information about each property in the office. We show pictures, layouts - and then invite you to view only the real estate, which is really interesting and appropriate for you needs.

The decision is in your hands!
We can help you to select one of the best options.


Contact our colleagues at the Duna House office nearest to you, or write us by clicking here or call us at the following numer + 36-1-555-2222!

Have a question? Do not hesitate to turn to us or look for our nearest office!

Ask for a call back or contact us here:

06 1 555 2222

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Our clients said

We are more than satisfied with the work of your colleague, Huszárné Palotás Erika (Szeged) and the service given by her. In Erika we have got to know a real “Duna House fairy” during the sales process of the two properties owned by our family. Therefore we have also decided to entrust your company with the sales of a more valuable property.

— Diána Szabadi, Szeged

We help you with the search
We will collect the properties you've been watched here.

Then it will be no effort to find the best property for you.