The real estate market is very sensitive to every vibration. As a result of the environmental conditions (introduction of credits both in retail financing and project financing sides; low deposit rates, government grants, and duty benefits) after the previous still water and low demand we can say: the real estate market is enjoying a stronger performance.

We can see this movement mostly in areas which are really outstanding locations. In Budapest city centre, the prices often reach or have already exceeded pre-crisis price levels, but only in the investments, which are really realised with quality work in all details.

The customers' growing demand for properties with quality in building, and good house energy rating, and in connection with this, the investors' exaction for high quality also became important factors from point of view of saleability.


Following the introduction of a newly developed house in the market, more and more customers want to buy in base of floor plan because they know that if they do not reserve the property on time, then they can not purchase it later, because of the high demand it will be probably sold out.


The newly-built housing market psychology was previously similar, and now it is again intensified the fact that customers bind their risk tolerance to a specified price-level in a specific area.


Newly-built housing in Duna House Offices

Duna House Centre specific division supplies services for newly-built properties as


  • development advice and support,
  • project management,
  • central coordination,
  • and sales support.

Duna House Franchise Network sold approximately 1500 properties in real estate developments in all the country and we work on numerous projects for sale in all over Hungary.


Hitelcentrum Kft. gives help both to investors and customers. We are in contact with local banks and the current loan constructions are available through our offices. We can often provide more favourable loan conditions (due to the significant number of the transactions conducted by us).


During the loan evaluation process, it can be an additional help, if a market leader, like Duna House conducts the purchase.


If you would like to buy or develop newly-built house, please read the detailed information by clicking on the links below:


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High-quality legal assurance and mediation services. Professional approach. I recommend a reliable real estate agency. Friendly approach. The apartment we bought through a broker Initiative (himself to be nominated).

— M. Pavlová, Praha

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