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?What should I do, if I can’t find an appropriate property on the website of Duna House? Are there any properties, that doesn’t appear on the site?

You can find our full range of properties on the website of Duna House, except in the rare case, if the seller asks us for our discretion and to not advertise the property on public forums, but to show it for appropriate potential buyers only.


In addition to this, there are several hundreds of properties waiting to be activated at any given moment, where we are waiting for authorization, title deed or other administrative solutions.


As we have mentioned it before, we activate nearly 5,000 new properties every month, therefore we recommend in any case to register with us, enter your search parameters and get automatic notification about just entered real estates or follow your favorite real estates and request notification, if their prices go down.


You can register here on our website, or at any offices of Duna House through our colleagues. If you don’t want to receive e-mail notification, our colleague keeps in touch with you  over the phone – whatever is more convenient for you!


?Is a loan more expensive for me if I conduct the process through Duna House?

The answer is definitely NO. Although Duna House receives commission from financial institutions, the bank calculates with this % in product development and offers the same products through its own branch network and external mediator partners.


In some cases it also happens, that as an important mediator, we can achieve for those taking out a loan through us to get more favorable terms than in the branch. Currently, under agreements with several large commercial banks we have, for example, a 0.25% interest discount for our customers if  you take out the loan through us and not directly from the bank. This means, that in case of a 20 year, 10M HUF loan you would pay 480,000 HUF less back.


?Do I have to choose the attorney of Duna House if I have found an appropriate property here?

Our company doesn’t have a so-called official, entrusted lawyer for real estate transactions. You, according to the customs of the Hungarian market, are free to choose any lawyers for preparing the Purchase Contract.

It can happen, that our colleague offers you a lawyer, with whom he/she had good experiences, but it's always an offer of the realtor and not an official offer of Duna House, and the decision will be definitely yours.

The above statement applies for all other connected services as well, for example movers, contractors, etc, because in case of such services it would be difficult to provide quality guarantee from our part.


?Is it necessary to get home insurance when buying a real estate?

If you don’t buy the property on credit, it is not required to get home insurance. However, because usually real estate is the greatest asset for peoples, it is worth to have it in safety.


If you are interested in our discounted home insurance offer, please click here!


 5Is it worth buying a Building Society product after buying a home?

Because in every few years all properties need minor renovation, modernization, for that purpose it is worth to use the possibility of state assistance, which is currently available in the form of Building Society products.

This way you have savings and you can use state assistance, so when you will need this money, it will be available for you and you won’t have to be indebted because of a renovation or modernization.


If you are interested in our Building Society offer, please click here!


 6On what conditions can I hand over money to a Duna House colleague?

Members of Duna House network are guided by relevant regulations, according to which they can take money from you on the following conditions:


  • Deposit related to and for the assurance of offers, preliminary contracts
  • Cost of obtaining the land certificate/title deed
  • Commission fee of the real estate agent as defined in the signed Agreement


Maximum sum to be handed over during property acquisition or lease:

If you decide to buy or rent property in partnership with us, when placing your offer our colleague will ask you to pay a deposit. It acts as the assurance for the offer or preliminary agreement, as defined in the offer. The deposit serves the security of the transaction, but it is not to be mistaken for earnest money.


1. Basic deposit


Property for sale: The maximum sum to be handed over is 1% of the offer price, but no more than 500.000 HUF.


Placing an offer for more properties at the same time: Maximum sum of the deposit shall be calculated based on the value of the given properties in total. The maximum sum to be handed over is 1% of the total offer price, but no more than 500.000 HUF.


2. Higher deposit sum


In case you would like to, or it is required to make a higher deposit as assurance of the transaction, we kindly ask you to place it at an escrow account. Our colleagues will register the deposit payment under the same conditions as in case of any other offer.


Persons authorized to take over deposit:


Within Duna House network our Franchise partners or colleagues obtaining a mandate are authorized to take deposit from you. Prior to handing over the deposit we advise you to ask for the proof of mandate or more information on the Franchise partner at our central help desk.


Take-over and handing over of the deposit:


Whether you hand over or receive any kind of money please always make sure you receive an acknowledgement of receipt! 



If you want to ask for a loan or insurance, we are ready to help you!
Click here to know more!


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I am fully satisfied with the work of Erika. She was kind, polite and helpful during the whole sales process. Moreover, she sold the apartment within an extremely short time. I can only recommend her to everyone, I myself will make use of her services whether it comes to real estate sales or purchase.

— Mária, Szeged

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