The buying process


1Step one: Assessment of needs and establish search parameters


For the first step by using our market experience we help you determine, what kind of real estate parameters can be considered for you.


During the assessment (the fastest and most careful way is if you go in one of our offices personally) we look at our database together, so you can form an idea of what the real estate market offers and what parameters can be the most appropriate for you.


If you want to purchase real estate from a loan, we provide you a free credit counseling to participate in, which is performed by a qualified loan consultant. Based on the advice you can find out, what budget corresponds best to your needs and possibilities.


If you are interested in a specific property, of course there is a possibility to view it without the need of an assessment, but we encourage you to ask for an assessment anyway, because our experience shows, that it is extremely important for the customer to be informed about relevant property types and prices.


Before viewing a property in all cases we try to give you lots of information about the property, so that we can make the rental process more efficient for you.There is only one exception, if you have already viewed a couple of real estates with our colleague and you already have personal contact, and our realtor  knows your requirements exactly. In this case, this realtor may offer you the viewing of a property, that he didn’t give you  all the information previously.


2Step Two – View of the property(s)

Our colleague sets up a date with you for the viewing and will show you the selected properties personally in all cases after signing the View Certificate. 


If a property is appropriate for you, the rental process may begin, of which you can read below.


If you find the viewed property was not appropriate, it is very important to tell it to our colleague, what was it exactly, that you didn’t like. Thus, we can better understand your needs and we will not show similar properties in the future.


It is possible, that in our database containing 25.000 properties,  there aren’t any appropriate properties for you at the moment. In this case, our colleagues will  keep in touch with you, so you will be notified of most recent real estate for sale, which may be of your interest. Remember, each month approximately 5,000 new properties are added to our database!


If you still cannot find your dream home, but it exists in the Hungarian real estate market, our colleagues will find it for you. You can request automatic notification of new real estates through our website as well right now or follow your favorite real estates and request notification, if their prices go down or they were sold.


3Third Step - Sale, closing the deal


Until the closing of the deal we walk you through everything and help you with our professional experiences to make this important event easier. Of course, the sales contract shall be conducted by a lawyer appointed by you.

Normally the buying process begins with a written offer called "Purchase Offer". In the Purchase Offer you indicate the offered price and other basic conditions, such as date of payment or purchase with a loan. You secure the offer with a deposit, that reflects the serious intention of buying, so based on our experience, sellers look at your offer differently, they take it more seriously and there is a greater chance to negotiate a price acceptable for both sides. But if you insist, of course we also inform the seller of a none written offer, or set up a price negotiation meeting, but our experience shows, that in these cases chances for purchasing are smaller.


Of course we will return the deposited amount to you in the event of the seller not accepting your offer.
If the offer is accepted and the Purchase Contract is signed, the amount will be part of the purchase price and we will give it to the seller. Of course our colleague will walk you through the purchase process and will be glad to help you with any questions or requests.



If you want to ask for a loan or insurance, we are ready to help you!
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Our clients said

I am fully satisfied with the work of Erika. She was kind, polite and helpful during the whole sales process. Moreover, she sold the apartment within an extremely short time. I can only recommend her to everyone, I myself will make use of her services whether it comes to real estate sales or purchase.

— Mária, Szeged

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