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Would you like to buy a real estate?

Buying a real estate? You are at the best place!  

The full range of services we offer for our potential buyers and tenants are COMPLETELY FREE and do not involve any obligations.

The only thing we ask from you is to sign a so-called “View certificate” to declare, that the property first shown to you by our real estate agent and you agree to buy your home via Duna House and not  passing by our network - although it is probably natural.

Our task is to save time for you and find the best real estate in all aspects, and then walk you through the process until you close the deal, the signing of the purchase contract and if you wish until the occupation of it.

We know that there is nothing more annoying than to find an ad in the media, talking with the owner or contact person, who says all the nice things about the real estate and when you enthusiastically  arrive, you are shocked to find, that you were misinformed, the property does not even resemble what was said. We work to prevent such incidents happening to you in all Duna House offices and make you property buying as easy as it can be.

We are not interested in taking you from property  to property in the city until you get tired and eventually buy something. We would like to provide you with lots of information about each property in the office, show pictures, layouts - and then invite you to view only the real estate, which is really interesting and appropriate for you needs.

Our database currently contains more than 30,000 properties, but what is more important, nearly 5,000 new real estates are added to our offers per month.

You can find all important basic information, photos, layouts about each property and in all cases before a new mandate is activated, we check the title deeds (not older than 90 days),  not to expose our customers to an unpleasant surprise at the lawyer’s office, before signing a contract.

Consequently, we believe, that Duna House has the most reliable real estate database in the country! You can view our full range of offers here!

   If you would like to apply for a loan, we can also help!

   How does the buying process work?

  • Step one: Assessment of needs and establish search parameters More
  • Step Two: View of the property(s) More
  • Third Step: Sale, closing the deal More


   Frequently asked questions

  • What should I do, if I can’t find an appropriate property on the website of Duna House? Are there any properties, that doesn’t appear on the site? More
  • Is a loan more expensive for me if I conduct the process through Duna House? More
  • Do I have to choose the attorney of Duna House if I have found an appropriate property here? More
  • Is it necessary to get home insurance when buying a real estate? More
  • Is it worth buying a Building Society product after buying a home? More



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