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The operator of this web site (hereinafter: site) is Duna House Franchise Ltd. (hereinafter: Duna House).


Duna House hereby informs visitors (hereinafter: Visitor) to its site about data provided and handeled via its site, its principals and practices while handling data, as well as the way and possiblity of exercising rights for all affected.


  1. Duna House only handles personal data provided by its Visitors in e-mails, on forms or while saving search parameters. By giving out personal information the Visitor gives permission to Duna House to record and handle said provided data. By giving out an e-mail address the Visitor gives permission to Duna House to send information and brochures connected to its services.
  2. Duna House handles technical details in its computer system, that is automatically generated while maintaining internet connection regarding the computer used by the Visitor, the search program, the internet address (IP-address, time of usage, viewed pages, search program, as well as one or more cookies providing the individual identification of the searcher) to measure the attendance and traffic of the site for diagnostic and market research purposes. Duna House only uses these statistically processed data in format unsuitable for personal identification.

    Visitor by the acceptance of cookies agrees to receive personal offers and information on web based marketing platforms of outside service providers (including Google) based on its de-identified information and with the support of Duna House using Google Remarketing system. Visitor in the Google system is entitled to disable these type of advertisements based on interest preference here:, by turning off “Az Ön érdeklődési körén alapuló hirdetések” , meaning advertisements based on your interest preferences.

  3. Duna House takes into consideration and keeps relevant Hungarian regulations in effect during the formation of its data handling practices with special attention to the regulations of 1992. year LXIII. law (Avtv) regarding protecting personal data and the publicity of public data, 2001. year CVIII. law (Ekertv) regarding electronic commercial services, as well as 1995. year CXIX law regarding certain questions of information society and handling name and personal address data providing basis for research and direct marketing purposes.
  4. Personal information provided by the Visitor is handled by Duna House to provide direct information and offers to the Visitor about its services via phone, in writing or electronically. Based on these, personal information provided by the Visitor is handled by Duna House for the following purposes only:

    a.) to satisfy all needs regarding services provided by the Duna House brand under its name;
    b.) quality control, market research, preparing market analysis;
    c.) to describe and offer recent services offered by service providers authorized to use the name of the Duna House brand at all times.

    Duna House handles personal data of Visitors corresponding with the goals above, to the necessary extent and time, uses those only for the goals named above, and only gives them out or forwards them to a third party in the following cases:

    a.) members of Duna House group (corporations in the interest sector of the direct or indirect owners of Duna House);
    b.) service providers authorized to use the name of the Duna House brand at all times during the time of their contract regarding the use of the name brand;
    c.) technical personnel operating the site.

     Duna House deletes personal data immediately after the cease of the data handling goal.

  5. The Visitor has the right to request information regarding his/her personal data handled by Duna House, forthermore he/she may request data correction, modification, change, and - if applicable law does not prevent it – its cancellation.

    The Visitor may present his/her questions regarding this matter in writing to the official address of Duna House in a registered letter. Duna House will provide the requested information in writing within the shortest possible time, but not later than 30 days, and will do the necessary measures.

    The Visitor notes the fact, that in the case of limitation in his/her persanal data handling he/she will not be able to or will have restricted access to reach certain services.

  6. Duna House sends newsletters and other advertisements from the [email protected] email-address to those customers, who gave their prior permission to receive them. Our customers can cancel receiving further newsletters by clicking at the sign off link at the bottom of the newsletters (
  7. Duna House does all necessary security, organization and technical steps to ensure high level security of personal data handled, as well as to prevent their unlawful change, distruction and use. Duna House does not store personal data on its publicly accessable computers, that it does not mean for public use.
  8. By clicking on a link navigating to other sites (not handled by Duna House) the Visitor will leave the site, will enter the site of the link and handling of his/her personla data will be done there from that point on. This process can be followed in the menu line of the search program. Duna House does not take responsibility for personal data given on other sites, or technical data generated or collected by the operators of the other site.
  9. We draw your attention to the fact, that connection between the computer of the Visitor and the server providing the function of the site is done via a public Internet network. In that case, when prior to giving out personal data no security measures have taken place, the communication in unsecure from data security point of view, therefore the protection of the Visitor’s personal data is not provided on the communication channel. Duna House does not take responsibility for unpleasantness and damages caused by this.
  10. Availability of the operator of the site:

    Duna House Franchise Kft.
    Cím: 1016 Budapest, Gellérthegy utca 17.
    Telefon: +36-1-555-2222
    Fax: +36-1-555-2220
    E-mail: [email protected]

  11. Data protection rules pf Holding members:

Have a question? Do not hesitate to turn to us or look for our nearest office!

Ask for a call back or contact us here:

06 1 555 2222

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I got to know Henriett when selling our apartment owned together with my ex-husband." (Henriett Pusztai, Nagy Lajos király útja).  Our relationship has been friendly from the first moment, we came to a common denominator immediately as we are of the same type of personality. Consequently our working relation has been transformed into friendship as well.

— Zsófia, Budapest

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