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Why Franchise?
  • Complete handover of know-how – we have experiences already, there is no need for you to waste your own time and money by experimentation.
  • Profitability and return – 1 out of 10 from the average new enterprises survives their first year. In the case of franchises 8 of 10 enterprises are able to make a profit.
  • Lower risk – using a successful business model decreases risks.
  • Low costs.

   Why real estate franchise and why now?

In Hungary there is a special attitude connected to real estates: people look at them as the greatest asset, the majority of the population strive for possessing property - due to this fact the market never stops, there is always a minimum transaction number. Low starting cost – you don’t need to invest in assets or accumulate stocks.

Currently domestic property prices are low, but they will return to the original state by time and they will steadily close up to the EU level.

During the crisis the role of a professional and efficient real estate salesman will be appraised, as it becomes increasingly difficult to sell a property alone without any help.

The typical transaction numbers during the crisis are adequate to make profit – imagine what happens if the market increases by double? In our country the market share of real estate companies is nearly 40 %, while it is 90 % in the U. S. – therefore there is a wide space for growth.

Whoever joins now gets a serious business potential.

Utolsó frissítés dátuma: 2016.05.28.
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