Are you a businessman, or just about to start a business, but would welcome a well-tried business model?

At Duna House, we are looking for franchise partners who understand the market, the importance of marketing and in line with our company mission – real estate is our passion.


An interview with our franchise director Kinga Szalay, on portal in September, gives a perfect summary of our goals; you are welcome take a look at it:


 „The network, which was launched in 2003, today offers a variety of services connected to property agency from loan intermediation, through energy certification, to home savings account opening. It was the only company on the market to present an 8-10% growth during the crisis years. Nearly half of the 126 offices are located in Budapest and its area. Following the previous years’ focus on the introduction of the Company’s shares on the stock exchange and the market entry in Poland, the attention is turned to the expansion of the franchise network.

The Company has modernized the process. The geographical restriction which allowed one single franchise partner with exclusive rights in a given district has been loosened this year, which resulted in the opening of certain Budapest areas awaited by many. As a result of the new strategy, unreachable districts have reopened.


Who are they looking for?

The circle of the Company’s partners is broad: there are partners coming from the property market, but one can find partners from the agriculture sector, as well as lawyers. “Those of our franchise partners are successful who believe in our business model and follow it. We have a very innovative approach; we work hard on being ahead of the market – which is why it is important to have partners with dynamic business approach, understanding of the market and the importance of marketing.” Duna House targets businessman with a broad partner network and good judgement. Any kind of a sales experience is considered as advantage, be it car sales, construction industry, or even law.


“We are also looking for dynamic young people who are unsure about starting a business on their own. We offer a well-tried business model which-with hard work- paves the way to a successful business.”


As far as the form is concerned, we advise ltd. as ideal for the applicants, creating a simple frame for the purchase of the franchise right and office operation.


Get on board!
When calculating the entry investment, the costs related to opening a new office are around HUF 3 Million. The entry fee, depending on the region, varies between HUF 500 thousand and 5 Million (+VAT). Training costs shall also be included – there are sales, sales manager, and modular trainings as well.


“We provide a good recipe, but it needs to be cooked. Key factors behind the success of an office are the implementation of the Duna House business model, and a good sales manager, who can be the partner or someone else too.”

Within the four-month long leadership program, participants get a picture of the market: beginning from the method of bringing in a property, through agent recruitment, all the way to office management.

The Company values quality partners who have a long-term vision, and who look for a secure investment where the profit expectations are high when compared to the invested money. Applicants are therefore asked to provide a business plan which is discussed in detail. 


“The market is at its peak, and will remain so for a time. The bottom line is the transaction number for us, which is very high at present. It is the time to get on board!”


You can find the full article here:


Request a call back!




    Give us a chance to introduce ourselves! Visit us for an informal discussion! 

    On the first consultation in person, following mutual introduction, we give detailed information on the conditions of joining our network, we try to answer all your questions, and we present how we are different from the competitors. Our goal is to get to know each other and to give an objective picture of your options.  

    On our second meeting in person, we help you develop a fair business plan for the selected city/area, to have your business built on solid grounds!Based on our market experience, and to support your start, we provide you with relevant and detailed information on the expected costs and profit! In addition to the market numbers, you will also see the details of the franchise agreement.

    Our potential partners are welcome to visit our offices and meet with other franchise partners, to get an objective picture of our everyday operation. You can read more about our partners’ opinion on our website.  Following the conclusion of the franchise agreement, we help you chose the place and furnishment of your office; we get you going on the road to success.

    Our sales and training department will help you in starting your business, recruiting colleagues, and will also provide professional coaching.

Direct contact:
[email protected]



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Our clients said

I got to know Henriett when selling our apartment owned together with my ex-husband." (Henriett Pusztai, Nagy Lajos király útja).  Our relationship has been friendly from the first moment, we came to a common denominator immediately as we are of the same type of personality. Consequently our working relation has been transformed into friendship as well.

— Zsófia, Budapest

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