Where all needs meet!

The success of our Holding is measured by the result of our Franchise partners, so join us and let us contribute to the common goal together!





This has been our motto from the very beginning – we support you in building a successful and highly profitable business within Duna House network. 

Grounds for a confident start

We make our entire property database available to you.

We offer expertise

No need to waste your time and money with experimenting. We offer professional support by organizing trainings and involving sales experts. You can learn every secret of the profession from inside trainers, and complemented by e-learning tools in our special training system.

Trust in advance

Be a member of our team! During the 15 years on the real estate market the brand has gained the trust of our clients.


Duna House is Hungary’s most widely known property and loan brokerage networks.*

Up-to-date business model

  • We increase our network’s market share with constant innovations.

  • The implementation of our proven business model helps you minimize the risks of launching your property business.

Country-wide presence

We ensure cooperation with a country-wide agency network and more than 1400 property agents during the performance of transactions, since our profession is the game of big numbers.

Uniquely professional

We support your everyday operation with a unique IT background on the market.


Complex and diverse business model (property, loan, insurance) – ensuring additional profit sources beyond property brokerage.


You can become a Duna House Franchise Partner now with minimum investment! By joining a cooperative outstanding team, you shall be nothing else but a winner!


Look for us, request information and promotional materials via phone: +36-1-555-2222; online:  info@dh.hu, or in person! Duna House is where all needs meet!


*based on both spontaneous and aided brand awareness, February 2016, population age group: 18-59, representative survey carried out by NRC.

Kérdése van? Forduljon hozzánk bizalommal vagy keresse az önhöz legközelebbi irodánkat!

Ask for a call back or contact us here:

06 1 555 2222

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Our clients said

I would like to thank real estate agent Sándor Szabó working for the Jaszberény office of the Duna House franchise network for his conscientious and helpful work provided during the sales of my apartment. With his high-standard expertise he organised viewings of my apartment rapidly, informed clients fully, as a result of which it was sold within a short time.

— Károly, Jászberény