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We believe that the Duna House Franchise on the Hungarian real estate market is the best solution for successful and ambitious entrepreneurs who are looking for the opportunity to start an own successful business in real estate market, as a member of a good team or having an own independent business in a dynamic growing branch.

We offer to our Franchise partners various forms of cooperation.
You can be a Duna House Franchise Partner with minimal investment.

Now, you can join us as a professional without office within the framework of Duna House Real Estate Partner Program! You will find your account in this business working either alone either as a Duna House Partner.

Open a Duna House office and work as a member of a great team!

You can start with 4-5 people in small towns!

Do you work independently? Join the Duna House Real Estate Partner Network!

Select one of our constructions and contact us for details!

Duna House is the only one large real estate franchise network able to grow also in crisis!

We can’t deny that there is a crisis and we also can’t deny that it had a negative effect on our results in 2009, but Duna House showed how true the following statement is: "Crisis is also an opportunity"; of course, only if we make the right actions “.Our company recognized at the first moment of crisis how crisis will affect the real estate market, and what needs to be done in order to create an opportunity for our brand. This is the reason why we chose development and not waiting. Our business strategy is based on the fact that real estate sales are essentially more difficult in crisis; as a result professionalism and efficiency are more appreciated. At the beginning of crisis we increased the investment in HR, training and sales management areas.

   Why Franchise?

Transfer of complete know-how - we have already gathered experience,
   don’t waste your time and money on experimentation.

Less risk - much lower risk with a well-operating business model

√ A large database

A well-known brandname

Security and Development

   Why real estate franchise and why now?

Special attitudes are related to the real estate in Hungary: an own house is considered the most valuable property. The vast majority of people is seeking to have an own house - thanks to this intention the market never stops, and there is always a minimum number of transactions.Low start-up costs - no need to invest in assets and stocks.

The number of transactions during the crisis is sufficient to achieve a profit - imagine what happens when the market will double? The market share of real estate agents is around 40% in Hungary while it is 90% in the United States of America - so there is plenty of space to grow. Who enters now, comes into possession of serious business potential..

   Why Duna House?

√ We, uniquely, have more than 1300 agents for your service throughout the county at present, be it property buy, sale or loan. We offer 22 thousand properties for you to choose from! Majority of our professional agents have been on our team for years. Choose us!

√  119 offices and 50 franchise partners, with more than 1300 sales representative

√  Database with more than 22.000 real estate, which all of our partners have access to

√  Sales opportunities of Banks' real estate

√  Excellent brand awareness

√  Service package and complex service designed on customer demand,

IT system (CRM) which is unique in the market

√  Crisis-resistant business model - full sales support system (we support our partners from the the opening moments)

√  A special education system with our own trainers

√  Network career programme

Extremely high proportion of cross-selling

Genuine employment relations

Clear system of rules and instructions

Internal Audit Service (more security, secure revenue - Monitor of customer bypass)

Highly effective central marketing

Even the profession has chosen us, we have a great number of highly prestigious awards

Strong relationship with the financial sector - we use synergies; we can introduce individual products, which are not available to others

Complex and multi-pillar business model (real estate, credit and insurance) - which provides additional sources of revenue to real estate business

HR Solutions - professional assistance in the selection

IT Solutions - automated administration and advertisement

Family atmosphere

* based on the number of our offices in the Franchise network.

Duna House franchise partners offer a complex service package to all potential clients to meet the today's expectations and contribute to clients' business results.

   Have multiple sources of income!

In addition to real estate, credit - and insurance the Company Group's portfolio includes franchise solutions, project marketing activities, real estate finance and real estate-related investments, consulting and management in connection with the above mentioned activities, valuation and energy certificate creation.

We think that the essence is clearly summarized in the following few words: Duna House System works well!
…or with words said by our new sales representative join our company 2 weeks during lunch with the company top management:

""I came to the Duna House, because I realized if Duna House had not decreased but increased the number of agents and sales representatives in two years, since crisis started, it only means one thing: You can make money with Duna House! "

   The most important numbers

Dear Inquirer, in most cases the simplest explanation is the truth! There are no wizards working in Duna House. The only one reason why it has not reduced the number of offices or sales representatives since the beginning of crisis that the system works well in Duna House. We can provide efficient service to our customers and generate adequate income to our members. This is true for both our sales and Franchise partners. Most important numbers:

The most important numbers:

Franchise Entrance fee:
   Vary in different regions 150 000 – 5 000 000 HUF

Minimum fee: 50 000 ~ 350 000 HUF / month

Franchise Royalty: 8% basic + 2% marketing

What capital is needed to connect?

If you are thinking about opening a Duna House office: 2 million to 7 million HUF

If you want to run your own business as a member of Duna House Real Estate Partner Network: 50,000 to 350,000 HU

Duna House metropolitan coverage is increasing, so we pay high attention to smaller towns, villages and county seats. If you are thinking about a smaller town (or group of settlements), we provide you a cost-effective and special offer in Duna House Real Estate Partner Network.

If you are interested in Duna House Franchise System, get to know the details of business construction, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask for personalized and detailed information!

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