Frequently asked questions

?When I get the accumulated amount?

You can get the accumulated amount (which consist of the monthly savings, deposit interests, state grants, or even the mortgage) at the and of maturity. The minimum duration of term is 45 months, but even a 10-year contract can be signed, thus increasing the savings, deposit interest rates, state aid and even the amount of the requested loan.


?How can I redeem my unfavorable mortgage?

The constructions offered by banks can vary according to financial and economic conditions, earlier loans have now become unfavorable, the monthly installments could be increased seriously. New constructions appeared on the market, which are even better for your needs. Such a construction can be the home savings program: your savings increased with state aid and deposit interest rates  can be used at the end of the term – after 49 or 120months – for prepayment of your existing loan, or to repay it, and the outstanding loan can be redeemed with a requested favorable loan amount as well, so even a significant monthly installment reduction can be achieved.


?What is the interest rate tax? For whom and when should I pay it?


The tax imposed on income gained from interest is called capital gains tax. The tax must be paid after the interest of certain individual deposits (checking accounts, term deposits) at the time when the interest is credited. The tax is calculated by the bank and it deducts it from the interest type of income.


Interest rate or capital gains tax-free:


  • LTP
  • NYESZ (BUT in some cases personal income tax must be paid-PIT)
  • Baby Bonds
  • Voluntary pension fund contributions (BUT in some cases PIT must be payed )


Paying tax on interest is conditional:


  • TBSZ (=depending on the time of maturity, after five years it is interest tax-free)
  • Unit Linked Insurances (= depending on several factors)


?May a person contract to only one home savings loan?

An individual can enter into several contracts in a way, that with each contract he/she indicates a different beneficiary (relative): thus, monthly savings, obtainable state aid, as well as  the allocated amount at the end of saving time can be multiplied.


?What does it mean ’inalienable right’? Who can get the support?


For the state aid all legally capable natural person is entitled.


?Can the amount received at maturity be used for home renovation?


The received amount at maturity can be used for home renovation, for modernization and also for expansion. The spent amount must always be verified by invoices.


?What does the guarantee of the National Deposit Insurance Fund (OBA) mean?


The deposit insurance protects depositors, through this it protects the stability of the financial system. OBA insures bank deposits placed under one name in the Hungary-based banks or in their foreign branches and after 1th January, 2003 bonds issued by banks in the amount of maximum 100,000 euros per person per bank in case of bank insolvency.

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