Home savings

Do you plan on purchasing a home or do renovation?

Are you concerned about the home loan market situation?


Would you like to know that nowdays with what conditions can you get a favorable, fixed rate, forint-based loan?


If you answered ’yes’ to either of the questions above, then we offer you a guaranteed yield saving form supplemented by state aid. At the end of the saving period you may even have the possibility to take out a low – interest loan!




Why is it worth choosing the home savings product?

  • The savings are not subject to capital gains tax.
  • All your savings associated with the state aid at the rate of 30% as much as £ 72,000 a year (with  inalienable right).
  • You receive a state guaranteed yield the for the entire term and your savings are guaranteed by the National Deposit Insurance Fund (OBA). More


Frequently asked questions

  • When I get the acumulated amount? Answer
  • How can I redeem my unfavorable mortgage? Answer
  • What is the interest rate tax? For whom and when should I pay it? Answer
  • More frequently asked questions More

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Wide range of apartments, great access offices. I recommend (references to agent Ladislav Felbingerová)

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