Loan conversion

During recent years, interest rates of housing loans have reached unbelievably low levels, which means you can greatly profit from leaving old loans behind.


A loan conversion resulting in better conditions helps reduce monthly expenditures, in addition to which the currency risk of the loan can also be fully eliminated.


Loan conversion means the replacement of an unfavorable interest loan with a more favorable loan condition. Property loans at market rates, home equity loans or even personal loans can be replaced.



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In which cases is loan conversion advised?

  1. When your monthly instalments are too high,
  2. When you need additional financial resources,
  3. When you have loans from different banks which you want to rearrange into a single loan,
  4. When you are ready to replace constantly changing instalments with a steady and calculable one.


What are debt settlement loans like?

The main purpose of the loan is the conversion, aggregation of existing loan(s). The loan value shall be at least HUF 1 Million, but must not exceed around 50-70% of the property value.


Why would you need a financial expert?

  • Resulting from the great volume of transactions managed by our Financial Experts, financial institutions offer unique discounts to our clients.
  • When the currency of the new loan is different than the currency of the existing one, we gather all information for you on the pros and cons of modifying the currency: how will the loan, monthly instalments, and interest rate change.
  • We calculate the pros and cons of the planned loan conversion: are the costs of the rearrangement in line with the advantages of the new loan?
  • Our services are free of charge for our clients.
  • As an independent financial agent, we are motivated to find the best deal for you and save time for you. We work in partnership with 19 financial institutions, and have access to the full loan selection for you to choose the best solution.
  • We give a comprehensive review of the available financial products.
  • We support our clients during the entire transaction process.
  • We save you time and effort!


 Who are not qualified to receive a debt settlement loan?


The first and most important problem is when the existing loan is not paid by the rules. It means that the bank will check any delays in payment longer than 30 days in relation of the previous one year.


Appearance in active status in the Central Credit Information System (“KHR” in Hungarian).


Loans under executory procedure or terminated loans, or loans provided by private individuals are not converted by any bank either.



What are the costs?


Costs of a debt settlement are similar to the costs of taking up any mortgage. In case of HUF 5 Million, the costs will be around HUF 90 thousand. Bank promotions generally include these loans as well, so if you’re lucky you won’t actually have to pay most of the fees, or the paid fees will be reimbursed in some form.

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