Loan conversion, debt settlement


When you’ve had enough of constantly changing instalments and currency volatility, the time has come to change and save up to millions.


Convert your loan to a less expensive!

HUF based loans with no currency risk, with fixed instalments and prompt administration!


Attention! Some banks may offer lower instalments using minor tricks -such as the expansion of the loan term. Get full information from our experts and choose from our special offers.


Our Independent Financial Advisors are motivated to find the best deal for you, saving time for you. We work in partnership with 12 financial institutions, and have access to the full loan selection for you to choose the best solution!



Loan conversion


A loan conversion resulting in better conditions helps reduce monthly expenditures, in addition to which the currency risk of the loan can also be fully eliminated.


Loan conversion means the replacement of an unfavorable interest loan with a more favorable loan condition. Property loans at market rates, home equity loans or even personal loans can be replaced. When is loan conversion necessary?




Debt settlement


A debt settlement loan is generally a solution to replace several loans by forming a single loan. A property as a security is needed for the application. It can be used for the settlement of several loan types: mortgages, personal loans, trade loans, and overdrafts, car loans. When is debt settlement necessary? More


Frequently asked questions


  • Is it possible to convert a terminated loan? Answer
  • Which types of loans can be converted? Answer
  • What are the costs of loan conversion?  Answer

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