Corporate credit purposes

Corporate credit purposes:

  • Overdraft facilities to ensure liquidity
  • Investment loans for business and site expansion
  • asset financing, equipment purchase

Before you ask for an offer, please, read information according to your requests!


Depending if you want to have a loan with or without real estate collateral,  you can choose from different constructions.


It is possible to ask for a business loan with a private real estate collateral. The conditions are determined by the individual banks.


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In credit application, the banks take into account the following criteria -without exhaustive, depending on whether the applicant for the credit is a company or a private entrepreneur.


  • What is/are activity/activities of the company?
  • How long and what results does the company work?
  • What purpose does he take the credit for?
  • How is indebted the loan applicant?
  • What real estate collateral can the loan applicant offer?

Széchenyi Card provides solutions to the most commune requests of our clients and it is possible to request for state subsidies for property purchase!


Learn about our new service, which is intended to help the company to achieve even more success. 


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We are more than satisfied with the work of your colleague, Huszárné Palotás Erika (Szeged) and the service given by her. In Erika we have got to know a real “Duna House fairy” during the sales process of the two properties owned by our family. Therefore we have also decided to entrust your company with the sales of a more valuable property.

— Diána Szabadi, Szeged

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