Enterprise financing


If your enterprise is in need of a new office, location, machines, you have the option to take out an enterprise loan.

The state provides non refundable assistance for certain loan types!


Enterprise loan goals

Depending on whether you would like to get a loan with or without collateral you can choose from different constructions.

  • Bank account loan to provide liquidity;
  • investment loan for expanding the location and activities of the enterprise;
  • purchase of equipment and machines;
  • there is an option to use private property as collateral of an enterprise loan. The conditions for this are defined by each bank.



Széchenyi Card


The Széchenyi Card offers a flexible loan possibility for your enterprise! With the help of the Széchenyi Card:

  • you can solve the financial difficulties of your enterprise fast and flexibly,
  • get favorable interest rates, provided with state assistance with the construction of bank account loan,
  • to be provided a general purpose loan limit up to the amount of 25.000.000 HUF (fixed amount) per year.



State assistance for property purchase for enterprises


If your enterprise is in need of a new office, location, machines, you have the option to get non refundable state assistance! Micro enterprises have the possibility to get non refundable state assistance even for the amount of 4 million HUF for property purchase and development through a tender.


Tenders are evaluated based on proven conditions and are subject to the limit of available state assistance funds. More


Frequently asked questions

  • What does micro-, small- and medium size enterprise mean? Answer
  • Can I get a loan if the collateral of the loan is a private property (flat, house, etc.)? Answer
  • What kind of collateral/security is needed to apply for Széchenyi Card? Answer

More frequently asked questions here.

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