Buying real estate

Want to find the best available loan deal for your property purchase? Contact us anywhere in the country, and our Financial Experts will guide you through the most favorable loan constructions for your transaction!


When buying a property, generally housing mortgages will stand for the most advantageous financial solution.


Loans for the financing of property purchase are offered by the banks in HUF, with many differences in the additional costs and interest periods.





 New or used?


The definition of the new home is written in the law. Depending on the amount of your self contribution, on your income accepted by the bank, on your requirement of financing based on HUF or foreign currency, buying of the new home can happen by mortgage or by leasing.The type of loan can be with market based interest or even state-supported. More information >>


Loan or lease?

We recommend financing of home buying by loan for those, who’d like to apply for a HUF-based loan without exchange rate risk, and for whom the early acquisition of the proprietorship is important.


Advantages of the loan:

  • In the case of a loan the whole purchase price can be financed by the involvement of an additional real estate.
  • The term of the loan can be even 35 years, so the monthly installment can be decreased.
  • In case of a home loan the proprietorship is transferred to the buyer, the bank gets an alienation prohibiton registered on the real estate.

More information about loan and lease here!


Frequently asked questions?

  • What is considered newly-built?
  • How do banks calculate maximum loan volume?
  • What are the additional costs of a housing loan?

You can read more frequently asked questions and the answers here!

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— Mária, Szeged

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