Car insurance


?What should I do, if I travel abroad by car?

Taking out a green card is highly recommended in case of travelling abroad by car. Green card is an international vehicle liability insurance certificate, that is issued by insurance companies for the policyholder to prove the compulsory vehicle liability insurance coverage required abroad. In fact green card is the form to prove the extent of the Hungarian compulsory vehicle liability insurance abroad. Green card is issued by insurance companies valid till the last day of the existence of liability insurance coverage. Green cards are issued for min.  15 days.


Green cards proving valid liability insurance are usually not necessary in countries joined the License Plate Treaty. Ratifying countries accept the official symbol of the country of the vehicle’s premises (license plate number), as well as the country symbol placed separately on the vehicle as the certificate of valid liability insurance. In contrast, it often happens during traffic checks, that authorities ask for green cards, so taking it out is recommended in case of travelling abroad.


?What happens if I don’t use the car for a while? Do I have to pay compulsory liability insurance / CASCO in this case as well?


It occurs, that – for example in winter time - the vehicle is temporarily taken out of circulation. If we inform our insurance company about this fact, we don’t have to pay the compulsory fee for the period of the temporary take-out. Although it’s important to know, that the hold may only last for max. 6 months. If we would like to have the vehicle taken out of circulation for a longer than 6 month period, we have to sign a new agreement at the time of reinstatement. If it happens within 2 years, we can validate our bonus degree achieved during the former contract.

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