What is an Energy Certificate?

According to Government Decree 176/2008. (VI. 30.) the energy certificate is an “official certificate that describes the energy performance of a structure or an individual functional unit (retail outlet, apartment) calculated with a method described elsewhere”. The Energy Certificate is designed to give an indication of the energy efficiency of the property as seen for household appliances. The certificate is an attempt to predict the annual power consumption of the property. The rating system used is also similar: the most and least efficient properties are rated AA++ and JJ, respectively. Please note that in order to comply with current legal requirements a property must have a CC rating or better. For certain transactions a CC rating may be stipulated as a minimum requirement.


Providing an Energy Label is mandatory for all EU Member States for certain transactions. The purpose of this provision is to help you recognise the lower rating of your home/house and take measures to reduce the amount of energy wasted. The goal is to reduce current wasteful energy use to an acceptable level. 

When is it mandatory to obtain an Energy Certificate?

From 1 January 2012, all sales transactions involving a residential property must be backed by an Energy Certificate. Do not expose yourself to a potential penalty or complaint, it is not worth the hassle.

Who prepares the certificate and how?

Certification can be carried out by experts registered in the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers or the Hungarian Chamber of Architects. In the case of new buildings, if the building is constructed according to the plans, it can be processed in a simplified procedure based on the construction documentation, otherwise calculations must be carried out by a specialist. In the case of a second-hand dwelling, if a certificate is already available for a property with similar parameters (e.g. standard flats, houses), a simplified procedure can also be applied. If not, the professional will carry out an on-site inspection and calculations to determine the appropriate category.

When do you need to obtain one?

The certificate is valid for 10 years, so if you decide to sell your real estate with our help, you should start getting your property certified at the time of signing the agency contract. Although the process is relatively fast, it is not worth waiting until you find a buyer, since you are going to have plenty of things to deal with at the time of the sale.

Why is it important to have an Energy Certificate?

  • Follow the law at all times – After 1 January 2012, it will be compulsory to have a certificate when selling or letting a residential property. In all cases, the costs of certification will be borne by the seller or landlord. Avoid being exposed to complaints or penalties later on!

  • Mention your energy certificate in your ad –  It will not take long for buyers and tenants to consider the energy rating of a property as an important factor in their decision. The expected energy costs are a key consideration, which buyers and tenants have so far tried to find out by looking at utility bills. This method is not necessarily reliable as our comfort levels are different. The energy certificate is a standardised system and is therefore an excellent basis for comparison. If you include the energy rating in your advertisement, you will find a buyer or tenant sooner.

  • Prevent complaints – If you did not enclose an energy certificate to the rental contract and your tenant starts complaining a few months after moving in, the responsibility will be yours. You can even be liable to pay a fine of up to HUF 50,000. It is better to have a lower rating than letting a flat without a certificate, not only because tenants will soon attach greater importance to it, but also because an energy certificate lets you avoid complaints and legal disputes in the future. An expense of HUF 25,000-30,000 rids you of the risk of a future lawsuit.

  • Modernization, higher rental fees – An important section of the energy certificate are the modernization suggestions made by the expert. If you implement the recommended improvements the property will not only have an improved rating, but its value will increase, too. Turn the certificate to your advantage!

If you are a buyer

  • Always request an energy certificate. In the past, it was not easy to estimate the overhead expenses of a property. The now mandatory energy certificate enables tenants to consider this important factor.

  • As landlords are legally required to obtain this document, there is no reason why you should not request it. Landlords are equally interested in making a full energy efficiency disclosure because this way they can avoid arguments later on.

Apartment energy certification fees


Floor space Gross fee
<60 sq. m. HUF 21,000
60-120 sq. m. HUF 25,000
120-200 sq. m. HUF 29,000
200-3000 sq. m. HUF 30,000
>300 sq. m. ask for a quotation


Detached and semi-detached house energy certification fees

Floor space Gross fee
<160 sq. m. HUF 28,000
160-300 sq. m.  HUF 32,000
>300 sq. m. ask for a quotation



Please note:

The fees shown here cover all costs, with no extra charges on the spot.

For the fees indicated, our team will carry out all the work necessary for the preparation of the energy certificate (travel, surveying, calculations, printing, etc.).

We are happy to assist you – Order your Energy Certificate at www.etanusitvany.hu or contact us directly at [email protected].

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