What is the Energy Certificate?

According to the Government Regulation of 176/2008. (VI. 30.) the energy certificate is an „official certificate, that contains the energetical abilities of a real estate (individual property, apartment) calculated with a method described in a separate regulation”. The end result of the Certificate is a label similar to the one that anybody could see buying a household appliance before, the difference is, that the purpose of this certificate is to show the energy usage of the real estate.


The scale of the label is similar to the one already in use: the most favorable is the one with „AA++”, while the worst one is listed in the „JJ” category. The regulation marks the „CC” category as benchmark and compares the rest of them to it according to this chart below:


When should an Energy Efficiency Certificate be mandatory obtained?

From the 1st of January 2012, all properties must obtain a valid Energy Efficiency Certificate when properties are either sold or rent. In case of a building (e.g. one-family house) a rental contract must be accompanied by Energy Efficiency Certificate. As far as flats the Energy Efficiency Certificate is voluntary until 31st December 2015. Do not give chance to eventual penalties or claims. It has no worth!

Who prepares the certificate and how?

The certificates can be done by appraisers registered with the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers or the Hungarian Chamber of Architects. In case of a newly build real estate, if the building was done according to the plans, the certificate can be done according to construction plans during a simplified process, in any other case calculations must be done by a professional. In case of a used real estate, if a certificate of a real estate with similar parameters (eg. apartmant types, houses) is already available, the certificate can also be done in a simplified process. In any other cases, the professional determines the category at a site visit and calculations.

Who prepares the certificate for you?

You are in a fortunate situation, because if you wish, we can do it for you. The nationwide appraiser network of Duna House is the most convenient solution for those conducting their apartment sale or lease with us.
This is a very efficient and fast solution for you, because you do not have to spend time finding a professional, checking his/her credentials and coordinate offers and dates. We take over these tasks for you and via our colleague you already know you can receive the certificate at competitive prices quickly in reliable quality.

When should you deal with this?

The certificate is valid for 10 years, so if you decide to sell your real estate with our help, you should start this process at the time of signing the mandate. Although the process of certification is a relatively fast process, it is not worth to wait until you find a buyer, since you are going to have plenty of things to deal with at the time of the sale.

It is important to have Energy Efficiency Certificate?


If you rent a rental property

  • Be law abiding! From the 1st of January 2012, all properties must obtain a valid Energy Efficiency Certificate when properties are either sold or rent. In case of a building (e.g. one-family house) a rental contract must be accompanied by Energy Efficiency Certificate. As far as flats the Energy Efficiency Certificate is voluntary until 31st December 2015. Do not be a victim of eventual claims or penalties!
  • Indicate it in your advertisement! The time is coming soon when the energy labelling of a property will be an important factor that tenants and buyers will take into account in deciding. The expected energy costs are an important factor which buyers and tenants have tried to find out in base on utility bills. This method is not necessarily accurate, because we do not feel comfortable in same environment conditions. The Energy Efficiency Certificate is a single scheme, and so it can be used for comparison as well. If you indicate your house's Energy Efficiency Certificate, you can find a tenant faster for your flat or house.
  • Prevent complaints! If you do not enclose the Energy Efficiency Certificate to the rental contract and your tenant would complain in a few months after moving in, the responsibility will be yours. In this case, you could get a penalty of 50,000 HUF under a procedure for regulatory violation. It is better a lower classification than rent a flat without a certificate. Not only because tenants will soon pay more attention to it, but because with a certificate you can avoid complaints and legal disputes in the future.
  • Do you want to spend 25-30 thousand HUF for a legal procedure in the future? Modernization, higher rental fees!
  • The Energy Efficiency Certificate is an important part of the modernization proposals drawn up by the experts. With implementation of the recommended improvements the property has not only a better classification, but you can calculate higher rental fees. Turn the certificate to your advantage!

If you are a tenant

  • Always ask for Energy Efficiency Certificate! Overhead costs of a house have not been easily estimated. The mandatory Energy Efficiency Certificate can facilitate tenants to consider this important factor.
  • As landlords should obtain this document (in case of single properties, for example flats it is voluntary until 31st December 2015.), it is advisable to ask always for it. Landlords are interested in complete information as you are as a tenant in order to avoid and prevent eventual problems.
  • If the Certificate is done in time, you not only schedule your time wisely, but you receive a professional opinion about the technical state of the real estate ahead of time. It is worth considering the  opinion of the professional conducting the appraisal about a better energy category, since it is possible, that with a small investment the real estate may get into a better category, thus a better sale will be possible to make.

Do not forget: the Energy Certificate in mandatory!

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