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The market of newly built real estate is very similar to used real estate, we can say that the demand is weak, it reacts in a sensitive manner to un-securities, waiting periods, although because of the highly limited building initiatives, the available offers are also down. The market also changed, so unlike before, buyers hardly buy anything off the architect’s table, they rather choose habitable or soon to be habitable developments. One of the main aspects, when considering the purchase of a newly built real estate is its price, since buyers compare the new with the almost new. Nowadays from the buyer’s point of view there is hardly any difference between the two categories since state assistance for building new properties in the form of tax cuts and financial aids virtually completely disappeared. The fact that the regulations of the social housing subsidy in effect require a binding usage permit dated after 1st January 2010 when buying a newly built property, can have a positive impact on the willingness of developers.

It is important to point out: there are areas where the properties have become virtually unmarketable. Generally speaking, customers look for excellent locations and thoughtful layouts however impeccable quality is essential for a successful sale.

We are facing the same market situation, still work towards the best service possible and to provide you the best as a property developer. Security and reliable background became even more important for buyers looking for new properties. Besides our references this security can be further strengthened by a cooperation with a stable, nationwide, well-known, market leader company like Duna House.

The function of the independently working company DH Projekt Ltd. is to provide the full-range of solutions for efficient sale of real estate developments in close cooperation with the other representatives of Duna House group, for planning and organizing its marketing activity, prior planning of projects, supporting the winning of necessary financial constructions, as well as the continuous analysis of market conditions.

Duna House has a system based on three pillars: sales offices placed at the project sites, presently a 113-member nationwide network, as well as with the help of our professional, own directed sales-team we can do our sales activities with a large market advantage and efficiency. According to our survey more than 90% of home buyers in Budapest get in touch with our network during their search for a home.

Our team specialized in newly built real estate has an up-to-date knowledge regarding the building of new constructions in the capital and nationwide as well, they are able to prepare a personalized offer for each customer, and they also show chosen constructions at site drawing their attention to the advantages of the region.

We sold approximately 1300 properties in real estate developments nationwide and we have numerous project under construction and/or sale all over the country.

Do You have any questions? Our Managers are waiting for Your inquiry!

Ms. Gyöngyvér Gyenei

30/ 336 53 20


Mr. László Dudás

30/ 579 93 28


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