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Dear professional colleague!

We are very pleased to inform the Real Estate Profession about the fact that from mid-2011 Duna House, as expected from a market leader, changes the current market practice that the ’’major networks’’ do not work together with the real estate market.


Estate agency or realtor network, may enter into cooperation with us in a Framework Agreement. After the conclusion of the agreement, we ensure a Duna House Sales Partner ID number, with the help of which Our Partners can work with any colleagues of Duna House on sales of Special Orders found on this website.


So whether you’re a one-person real estate office you can get thousands of real estate offers!


As a first step the cooperation is restricted to Duna House Special Assignments, we will not show the real estates of Our Partners. This is because of the mere fact that our customers and our colleagues are accustomed to a highly controlled database (e.g. always check title deed, office manager of sales review and approval), and we know that unfortunately not everyone in the market applies the same strict operating methods.


In continuance of time, of course, we will study the optimum mode of cooperation and we hope that we will be able to make further steps towards expansion.


Moreover, for our partners the already offered opportunity involves immediate and enormous benefits! They can choose for their own customers from thousands of properties in controlled and detailed information in the database.


The process is simple:

  • Here you can fill in the required information (page down)
  • We will send you two signed Cooperation Framework Agreements by mail.
  • As we receive a signed copy back from you, we send the Duna House Sales Partner ID number by e-mail, which will be maintained in a database used by our colleagues – and the cooperation starts!
  • Then what you have to do is to call our colleague at Duna House assigned to the target property and discuss to show the property. Our colleague, of course, will always be present at the property presentation and will help with any require information and to complete the business.

In case of urgent property presentation, we can shorten the process by the help of an appointed colleague from Duna House. You can sign the printed Cooperation Framework Agreement before the property presentation and after the fax has received at the Duna House Headquarters, we send the identification number. The original contract, of course, must be received subsequently by mail to us.


We can provide our partners 50% of our commission received from the seller after a successful cooperation with a 9% Franchise fee deducted.


It is important to emphasize that cooperation is designed (as you will see in the Cooperation Framework Agreement and the Cooperation Regulations) to have equal chances to a Duna House seller colleague, in any aspects. Thus, for example the same commission amount will remain with a Duna House realtor, an office sales leader or a franchise partner collaborating with an external real estate partner or if the business has been set up between two Duna House offices. Therefore we can ensure that you cannot be disadvantaged compared with a Duna House colleague.


We wish you successful cooperation!


The Duna House Team



Have a question? Do not hesitate to turn to us or look for our nearest office!

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06 1 555 2222

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Our clients said

We are more than satisfied with the work of your colleague, Huszárné Palotás Erika (Szeged) and the service given by her. In Erika we have got to know a real “Duna House fairy” during the sales process of the two properties owned by our family. Therefore we have also decided to entrust your company with the sales of a more valuable property.

— Diána Szabadi, Szeged

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