Ethical behavior

  • Duna House colleagues are expected to behave with correct, ethical and fair business practices  in connection with other players of the market.
  • Within this framework, they may not contract with those customers, if they are aware of the fact, who have sole contract with another player of the market at that moment,.
  • They may not act as a customer at other sales related to a particular property in order to get a contract.
  • They may not offer sure sales, thereby obtain advantage.
  • Colleagues of Duna House may not abuse their market position and may not communicate false information about other realtors.
  • The profession and its practitioners must be respected under all circumstances.


Duna House Franchise Ltd. treats the violation of the provisions of the Code of Ethics as it properly sees fit. Current legislations determine the provisions of the Code of Ethics. Duna House Franchise Ltd. constantly ensures, that the Code of Ethics will be consistent with applicable legislation. Duna House Franchise Ltd. reserves the right to change the rules of the Code of Ethics.

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Our clients said

I would like to thank real estate agent Sándor Szabó working for the Jaszberény office of the Duna House franchise network for his conscientious and helpful work provided during the sales of my apartment. With his high-standard expertise he organised viewings of my apartment rapidly, informed clients fully, as a result of which it was sold within a short time.

— Károly, Jászberény

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