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First steps for real estate agents

The selection process

If you are interested in our offer, but you don’t know whether you have the necessary qualities necessary to be successful as a realtor in the real estate business, there is no easier to do, than to take part in the selection process of Duna House.

The selection process serves two purposes at the same time: first it ensures for Duna House clients to only meet colleagues who have the necessary qualities on behalf of Duna House, on the other hand to give feedback to the candidate, whether he/she has the appropriate skills in order to be successful as a professional real estate agent working for Duna House. Thus, the selection process can show you, whether it is worth having a go at a new, successful career.

The selection process consists of three basic steps:

 1.    Selecting candidates based on the curriculum vitae

 2.    First personal interview

 3.    Second personal interview

If you haven’t worked as a real estate agent and are inexperienced in the real estate market and sales, within the Duna House Academy link you can get all the necessary knowledge for a successful work starting from the 8-day basic training through the 14-day sales and the 7-day leader course – not to mention the support provided by the sales office leader and the mentor.

If you want to participate in the selection process, please send your CV with a photo to the e-mail address karrier@dh.hu with the code word ’’Sales” or send it to the Duna House office of your choice. We propose selecting the one from the nearest sales offices for you.
You can find the list of Duna House offices HERE.

The goal of Duna House system is the integrated operation, however all the 119 Duna House offices have their own independent sales leader, so the selection criteria can vary by offices, as the style, atmosphere and pace of work pace of each office management can be different.

A diverse and heterogenous image from Duna House colleagues is shown behind the integrated system. Seniors and the younger generation, singles, agents with families and single parents, graduates and non-graduates, old colleagues and beginners are all contributing to the system’s success, to the development of a broad clientele and to the high level of the customer service.

It is worth considering the location, the sales and marketing leader, the atmosphere and the colleagues in sales in the office of your choice, because it’s important to choose an office, where you can imagine your long term work.

It’s worth sending your CV with a photo to several Duna House offices located near your residence, meeting the sales team leader, the professional supporter, and the team personally as well as to get to know the office atmosphere. Then it’s easier to decide, which office would you prefer to work in. You can find the list of Duna House offices HERE.

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