Duna House Academy


What is Duna House Academy?

Duna House Academy includes accumulated vast experience, up-to-date market information and skills needed for marketing and leadership in Duna House Network. Creating a cascading system of training, which ensures one of the most useful, practical knowledge and approach in the current market for participants.

Duna House Academy holds not general, but specified trainings for the real estate profession. Part of the trainers are from the real estate profession and previously worked as real estate agents, as office sales managers or as franchise partners at Duna House.


As a result, the courses of Duna House Academy  - whether it is call technique, time management or anything else – are not about general theories, but specifically ’’real life’’ based and preparing for it with practical trainings. On the other hand, there are trainers from the world of sales and leadership trainings with serious training, thus the courses held by Duna House Academy provide broader horizons to colleagues and ensure lifelong serous knowledge in marketing and management.

Why was it created?

The base of its formation

  • Accumulating knowledge, experience and  information found in the network and making it available for the entire network
  • Raise the professional level and marketibility of realtors and leaders working in the network.

What is its purpose?

  • The purpose of Duna House Academy is to support of realtors and leaders working in the network, so during the practical application of acquired knowledge they can be ready to offer a high level of service to our customers in the market with confidence and efficiency.

Who should attend?

  • New and inexperienced sales representatives in the profession as well as real estate agents working for years can find the important and efficiency increasing support in the educational system of Duna House Academy.
  • For those, who would like to become leaders or as a leader would like to develop themselves.
  • The trainings are only available for members of Duna House .
  • If you are interested in the opportunity, get additional information!

How can it help?

To be the best on the market.

  • For clients it shouldn't be a question to work only with a real estate agent from DH.
  • As a leader to build and operate a successful sales team.


Our trainings


Trainings for real estate agents:

  • Database education
  • call technique training
  • Basic course
  • Advanced call technique training
  • Time management training for realtors            
  • Mentor training
  • Negotiation training for realtors
  • Sales of newly built property
  • Newly built acquisition training
  • Customer contact management training

Trainings for leaders:

  • Basic office leader training
  • Advanced office leader training
  • Time management training for leaders
  • Office leader coaching
  • Negotiation training for leaders
  • Recruitment and selection training
  • Coaching of a new realtor training

Have a question? Do not hesitate to turn to us or look for our nearest office!

Ask for a call back or contact us here:

06 1 555 2222

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Our clients said

I would like to thank real estate agent Sándor Szabó working for the Jaszberény office of the Duna House franchise network for his conscientious and helpful work provided during the sales of my apartment. With his high-standard expertise he organised viewings of my apartment rapidly, informed clients fully, as a result of which it was sold within a short time.

— Károly, Jászberény

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