Evaluation methodology


Evaluation methodology

Our agents’ score is the arithmetic average of the following two figures:

  1. ​​​​​​Objective measure: This figure depends on the actual past performance of the agent, measured by Duna House’s proprietary performance evaluation system.

    Performance can be significantly affected if the salesperson has not been working full-time or has been less active recently for some reason.
  2. Subjective measure: This figure is the arithmetic average of the subjective evaluations submitted by our clients.

How can I evaluate?

You can evaluate our team members anytime during the sales process. You can use a number of different methods:

  1. As a registered seller or buyer you will receive an e-mail at certain phases of the sales process (e.g. when a property is activated or shown etc.) enabling you to submit your evaluation with a single click.
  2. Through our website, https://dh.hu on the personal data page of our agents, provided that you signed in with your Facebook account.
  3. In an e-mail sent to [email protected]. (By submitting an evaluation you agree that the evaluation is published together with the initial of your family name and your full given name on our website at https://dh.hu. (Also, you agree to the personal information management policy of Duna House available here.)

Commenting rules

Our rules of  text reviews are available here.

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Our clients said

I am fully satisfied with the work of Erika. She was kind, polite and helpful during the whole sales process. Moreover, she sold the apartment within an extremely short time. I can only recommend her to everyone, I myself will make use of her services whether it comes to real estate sales or purchase.

— Mária, Szeged

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